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Here at The Stone Bake Oven Company we greatly value all feedback about our range of ovens and the service we provide.  We welcome you to read through the experiences of past customers and to leave comments of your own.


  1. Nick Ashley

    What can I say but it is fantastic and we have been cooking on it on a regular basis. Have had lots of friends round for pizza parties and lots of interested comments too as to where we got it from etc. Anyway the pictures speak for themselves…

  2. Dean Barrett


    I’ve attached some pictures of our Primo 60 purchased from you earlier in the year you may wish to use in your Gallery – we are really pleased how it looks and how well it is working.

    Many thanks

    Dean Barrett

    For Mr Barrett’s full gallery, click here. />

  3. Graham McCreadie

    A wee bit delayed but wanted to send you some photo’s of my “outdoor kitchen” as it’s been dubbed by families and friends.

    We’ve made great use of the Pizza Oven with lots of Pizza’s being made including some very tasty breakfast pizza’s when we had family over to stay, an excellent pick me up the “morning after the night before”.

    I’ve used it for a few slow cooked overnight meals as well and ended up making myself an insulated door to help with heat retention which was very easy to do.

    I’ve also been lucky enough that an old coffee table we have happens to fit perfectly over my fire pit and, as you’ll see, is perfect as an outdoor preparation area and makes pizza making so much easier and even a bit less messy in the kitchen much to my wife’s pleasure!

    The whole family is agreed it’s been one of the best buys we’ve ever made!

    Anyway, we’ve truly enjoyed the oven and wanted to share some of the good times with you and the team, thanks again.


  4. Andrew Keightley

    In short it’s been great fun so far. Whilst I initially got the oven primarily for pizzas (which are great) I was surprised at the roasting and grilling potential of the oven and have used it for this much more than I anticipated. It is far superior to any barbecue I’ve used, either gas or charcoal; the food (meat, sausages, burgers…) being cooked perfectly, moist and no charring of the outside. I’ve found using a cast iron griddle in the oven is excellent as the food is subjected to heat from all sides at the same time and effectively only needs turning to make attractive lines on the other side of the food! Whilst the quality of cooking is great at all times I found that the speed of cooking and not having to constantly tend the food whilst it is cooking is perfect for entertaining and keeping the party supplied with a steady flow of food items.

    I’ve only used the oven to cook bread a couple of times using the residual heat following cooking pizzas/grilling and think perhaps the oven may have benefitted from being hotter. I also suspect that the heat retention would be improved if the oven was ‘built in’ and had further insulation. The base I built for the oven and stand is sufficient enough for a more permanent structure should I wish to build the oven a more permanent home…but that’s for later perhaps.

    Overall it’s been good fun and interesting to try out and I look forward to more experimenting! Also, the level of information, guidance, attention and ‘aftercare’ you provide is excellent customer service and from my experience of purchasing and using one of your ovens I would not hesitate to recommend you and your products.

  5. Lucy Newton

    Hi just wanted to share how awesome our oven looks this morning in the sunshine…thanks again, we can’t wait to fire it up again this weekend!

  6. Richard Hall

    We absolutely love the oven, its an amazing social event, and getting everyone to make their own pizza is so much fun!

  7. Judith Jungmayr

    So far so good, excellent pizzas and sourdough bread cooked at different stages of firing. We are running just for guests staying with us we sleep 22 in 3 cottages and 2 caravans and have fed everyone to great satisfaction!

  8. Mark Gutteridge

    Hi! Well we’ve had our Primo 60 going around 4 times and it’s absolutely fantastic. We had a good look round at all the ovens on the market and are so pleased we chose yours. Attached the photo so you can see how it fits into the garden.

  9. Jim Andrews


    Here are a few pics of the stages of building my Mezzo oven. I love it! Had it three weeks and cooked so many different things in it. Pizzas, slow roast shoulder if pork, large spatchcocked
    chicken, whole teriyaki salmon, chateaubriand, eggs florentine next morning, 12 poussin, three to skewer,
    loads of garlic bread and fougasse.


    Jim Andrews

  10. Joh Parsons


    We are very happy with the Oven! We are still experimenting with pizzas & Roasts & have some great results.

    I have attached some photo’s of our built in Mezzo!! Overall we’re very pleased with the service & The product!


  11. Russell Simonot

    We are loving the Primo 60 oven!! Check out some photo’s from our mobile wood burning oven & chef business – Wood Fired Artisan Food & Themed Feasts!

  12. Judy Digney


    We’re very pleased with our oven and our pizza cooking skills are gradually improving.

    We decided not to build a brick base but to use your iron frame, though we made a rough and ready serving table from the planks from our old shed, together with some lovely new oak planks from a local timber merchant.

  13. Baxter Bradford

    Smokey chicken breast with red onion, basil and tomato sauce. We all agreed that the blackened parts had the most intense flavour. The dish was short-lived, such was the flavour! Just loving the Primo 60.

  14. Stephen Barker


    The pizza oven is going very well, thanks very much – I am delighted with it !

    Have cooked pizzas (obviously), curry, Lamb Kleftico, Morrocan beef, chocolate soufflé, a roast chicken (after cooking a pizza) and this stayed very moist.

    Am hoping to pour concrete countertops tomorrow and when they are all polished, will do brickwork etc around the pizza oven and insulate it so hopefully it will hold the heat a bit longer.

    I always do what you said, which is to put some regular logs in there once I am done cooking and these dry out very nicely, and I then use these to start the next fire and then top up with just a few bought kiln-dried logs just to raise the temperature.

  15. Laura Green

    Oven all finished last weekend and we’re just waiting for some good weather to fire it up!
    Attached is a picture of it completed and built up in our beautiful English limestone (you may have guessed by my email address we have a good supply readily available, thinking of ordering another one for the office!)
    Many thanks for the very efficient and friendly service (even before we ordered).

    Twitter comment:

    Stamford Stone Co. ‏@Stamfordstoneco
    Pleasure dealing with you @stonebakeovenco we’re thrilled with the results!

  16. Geoff Webster

    Here is a photo of a brick oven I built using a cast sent from your company, I built the oven on the Somerset Devon border. I am a bricklayer with 25 years experience and was hoping if you have customers in the south west area you can pass on my details!

  17. Brian Shaw

    Just wanted to let you know that the mid sized oven went in perfectly and the end result is fantastic! The pizza oven was easy to install and the cooking results have been brilliant. My wife Sue has been really impressed; she now has a second oven which is better than the one in our kitchen. Needless to say it is a favourite with the younger members of our family!!

  18. Mennel Welch

    Just wanted to tell you that my oven is now fully up & working and that it is totally amazing! I have had loads of people enquiring so will be sending on your details.

  19. Paul Whittam

    Just thought I’d drop you some pictures of my finished Primo 60 (following delivery last summer).
    Had some great results from it!!!

  20. Jamie Cousins

    My @stonebakeovenco mezzo getting ready, squid, clams and sea bream tonight, roasted veg, garlic pizza blanco, yum!

    Mezzo 76 Stone Bake Oven Co

  21. Ella McCreath - Galloway House Estate

    Sea view cooking at the pizza oven at High Lodge. Cooks amazing bread, apples & even lobster.

    More Images in Galloway House Estate’s gallery here.

  22. Jan North

    Last weekend was the first proper chance I had to really try it out. My early attempts convinced me it was worth getting kiln dried wood which I did and it was well worth it. I managed to achieve proper cooking temperatures within the 20/30 minutes you advertise and I was able to maintain the heat for a good hour or so with no real difficulties. The results were amazing, we had a pizza party on Saturday with everyone making their own topping using my own sourdough base. Fantastically crisp base and cooked in less than a minute. We made the most of the local wild garlic and laced every one with my own wild garlic pesto. Impressed with our success on Sunday I did roast chicken in wild garlic pesto (well its a short season you have to make the most of it!) roast potatoes and shallots. Heavenly. Chicken crisp on the outside and succulent on the inside, potatoes almost burnt but still light a fluffy. So the oven is everything I hoped it would be. It feels like a great addition to the garden and has created a fantastic social space. It is as easy to light and manage as you say I am so looking forward to expanding my repertoire of wood fired oven dishes.

  23. Graham McCreadie


    Just to let you know the chimney arrived safely and we’ve already had some excellent Pizzas and a loaf made in the oven.

    Thanks again,


  24. The installation went like a dream, so straight forward, the Pizzas are amazing, the only learning curve was making sure that its really hot before cooking but we have mastered this now, so thumbs up all round… in fact, I will check your site out as I need a temperature gauge, takes out the guess work…

  25. Dennis Throup


    Just received your February Newsletter and it has inspired me to send you a couple of pic’s of my build. Got the Primo last year and had quite a few ‘pizza parties’ throughout the summer and autumn of last year. Everyone absolutely loves it and the pizza’s it makes. I took a whole load of pic’s detailing the whole build, here’s a few of the end project.

    Many thanks from a delighted customer.

  26. Tarrant Ablett

    Sunday night dinner pulled beef and butternut squash! @stonebakeovenco style!

  27. Lauranne Pearce

    @stonebakeovenco Shaking off the Winter blues with a slow roast lamb shoulder from @NewCloseFarm

    Loving it!!! And Lamb was amazeballs. Have other pics, will forward. Bring on Summer! X

    Great for parties or firing up on a lazy Sunday. Defo recommend @stonebakeovenco. Great customer service!

  28. David Norman

    I enclose photos which you may use if you wish of the semi completed oven, I have now completed the rendering and it awaits painting. The food results to date are very good.

    Rocca 90 (old model residential oven)

  29. Andrew Fenn

    The oven is in place and built in. It was used in anger on New Year’s Eve cooking around 16 pizzas!

    Mezzo 76 Oven.

  30. John Horvath

    Hi everyone and a happy new year to you all. The oven arrived safely
    and my guy has spent 8 days to speck it up which we are overjoyed

    We shall be testing it this weekend , but here are some photos
    for you.

    All the best
    John Horvath

  31. Donna Darbishire

    We are getting on greet with the oven thank you. Getting fantastic feedback on our pizzas and we cook pretty much everything in there! From our breakfasts, toasties, slow cooked pulled pork and I even did the turkey in there on Christmas Day!

    Overall the whole process from initial meeting to the final product has been fantastic and I really appreciate all the support Tom and Laura gave me with my new business.

    Vento 100 Oven

  32. Ian Callaghan

    I cooked a ham with a seville orange marmalade glaze and a haunch of venison looking for the pics.

    Primo 60 Oven.

  33. Wendy Gillett

    We did pizza for New Year’s Eve and got talked into hosting another party soon!

  34. Matt Bretherton

    Really impressed with the oven, easy to put together and is performing better and better each time we use it (fired it up 6 times since purchase).

    Primo 60 Oven.

  35. A Pinch Of Salt Curing Company

    Come check out our new oven from @stonebakeovenco at The New Park manor Xmas festival tomorrow from 10am-4pm, grab a nice warm local pizza !

    @stonebakeovenco Met some really great new customers & loads of amazing producers @NewForestMarque New oven was AMAZING! btw.

    (Mezzo Mobile Unit)

  36. It's A Pizza Thing

    #Milestone achieved 100+ #woodfiredpizza sold. was amazing. @ItsAPizzaThing thanks to all our customers. @stonebakeovenco

    (Mezzo 76, loaded onto a trailer)

  37. Ian Callaghan

    My only regret with the oven is not doing it a long time ago!

    Tweets from Ian Callaghan (@Foodie_ian):

    - Got the @stonebakeovenco primo 60, Saturday did 40+ pizzas, 3kg of amazing chicken wings then 2 loaves of bread :)

    - @stonebakeovenco I think the indoor oven will be redundant now

    - @stonebakeovenco loving it many hrs to come

    - @stonebakeovenco The first cooking in the oven sauce for pizza, wow what a difference the wood smoke adds.

    - @stonebakeovenco Can not wait to cook a steak in there a big fat bone in steak :)

    Check out Ian Callaghan’s blog post all about wood fired cooking in the Primo 60 oven

  38. Baxter Bradford

    Fantastic wood fired cooking session on Saturday in our Primo. Pizza first, then shoulder of lamb which was so succulent. Josie and Max devoured it between giving superlatives about how good the meat was cooked in the Stone Bake oven.

    Because the insulation and rendering had kept the heat so well, it seemed foolish not to slowly braise some chicken fillets so that they can be used with leek and potato in a winter stew for tonight’s meal.

    See more of the Bradford Family’s oven here.

  39. Jean-Christophe Novelli

    Lots of recipes in the new book #SimplyNovelli using @stonebakeovenco which is just brilliant. New courses using the oven coming soon too!

  40. The Paddle, Highcliffe

    A great afternoon trying out the wood fired oven at The Stone Bake Oven Company!

  41. Barry Clark

    Delivery: Efficient and on time. Everything arrived safely.
    Construction: We built a brick storage for our stainless steel barbeque with doors to keep it weatherproof and placed the oven on top of two re-enforced concrete joists.
    Assembly: Very straightforward with a neat finish.
    Lighting: Quick and easy

    Really admired by family and friends, looking forward to getting some more practice in.

  42. Daron Herbert

    Enjoyed some lovely pizzas yesterday with the extended family – all are impressed with the results.

    To see Daron’s step by step photographs, visit the online photo gallery or the news section.

    With thanks to the UK Wood Fired Oven Forum

  43. Tony Jones

    Hi Tom,

    Taking a look at your site over the weekend i realised i haven’t sent you a picture of my completed Mezzo 76.

    Results have been really good and as i covered the dome with 50mm of vermiculite and cement and then overclad with the bricks the heat retention is excellent.

    Kind regards
    Tony Jones

    Mezzo 76 Tony Jones

  44. Jonty Prout

    My builder thought it was one of the most interesting projects he has undertaken in his time. We have had many fun and delicious meals already and plan many more. Great oven. Thanks and all the best, Jonty Prout.

  45. Mark Harding

    I have successfully “fired up” last night and the resulting Pizza bread and Lasagna was fantastic!

  46. Celia Burn

    Been meaning for ages to send you a pic of our oven in situ – here it is, and we love it. Thanks. If only it was still this sunny!….

  47. A Pinch Of Salt

    We had great fun with our wood oven from @stonebakeovenco

  48. Lovely to see Laura and Tom from @stonebakeovenco checking out how their great oven was doing, and mighty fine it is #great pizza ovens

  49. Tom McShannon

    The wood oven is quality, we love it. Ive used it half a dozen times and the flavour you get is awesome, great for steaks & pizzas.

    Thanks to everyone for all your help.

    To see Mr McShannon’s oven build step-by-step images, click here

  50. Chris Mountford

    Still experimenting but loving it!

  51. Adriano Serino

    Primo is working well been using it once a week don’t know what I’d do without it really pleased with it. The high temperature paint is holding up fine still looks good! Few small bubbles on the side where I push the fire against it when up to temperature but nothing major. All good!!!

    Mrs Serino says: My hubby is making us tasty pizzas. We’re enjoying our oven, and not just for pizza.. we’ve also cooked lasagne, joints and roasted potatoes. .very versatile. .Love it!!

  52. John Evans

    Primo 60 Oven:

    We use it very often,not just for pizza our social calendar is rather full haha

    Primo 60 wood fired oven pizza

  53. Adriano Serino

    Mr Serino tried painting his oven with specialist high heat paint, check out the Primo 60 Oven before and after!

    For more info on high heat paint by the Stone Bake Oven Company, contact us.

    Primo 60 Oven Painted White

  54. Jo Pritchard

    I just wanted to say a huge thank you or all your efforts!
    The pizza oven made such a difference to the feel of the gathering, not to mention the incredible pizzas!

    The Prichard Family Primo 60

    Primo 60 wood fired oven

  55. Sarah Beeny Channel 4

    great stone oven!!! I simply have to have one!!! They are beautiful! Xxxx

    Primo 60 Wood Fired oven Sarah Beeny

  56. Maggie Fitch

    Our new pizza oven built by my hubby to go with his bar Fitchy’s Bar x Pizza and kebabs were great……but hog roast with chunky veg was even better! At least the 20 or so friends agreed x

    stone bake oven outdoors pizza

  57. Scott Rimmer

    @stonebakeovenco outdoor kitchen now complete!

    @stonebakeovenco Rocca 90 in action.

    rocca wood fired 90 oven

  58. Jonty Prout

    First firing, so excited! Firing was brilliant

    See Mr Prout’s Mezzo 76 Oven build pictures here…

    Prout Mezzo 76 Pizza Oven

  59. Marcus Jupe

    See all the build pics of our Mezzo 76 here

    mezzo wood fired oven

  60. Andrea Broomer
  61. Emma Baker

    This is our pizza oven and work space. Not quite finished but getting there and we’ve had several very tasty pizzas, steaks and a few other things.

    Baker Oven Outdoor Pizza wood

  62. Rebecca Sawyer

    We baked some pizzas in our Primo 60! They were great!

    sawyer Primo pizza oven
    sawyer cooking wood fired oven

  63. David Walker

    Mezzo 76 Oven:

    Just thought you might like to see our progress so far? Our developer has just finished the second coat of mortar to insulate it. We reckon our first pizza will happen this Saturday – just off to make some bases, will send some pics of the first firing- exciting eh !!!

  64. Baxter Bradford

    “Excited as @stonebakeovenco outdoor oven installation started today. Can’t wait to get creating some fab dishes.”

  65. Quentin Royles

    “These guys are amazing @stonebakeovenco . I have been lucky enough to use these wonderful ovens. #checkwoodovensout”

  66. The Linhay

    “They’re great – our new venture doing supper 4 b & b guests pizza + homemade ice-cream”

    “We are loving sharing culinary skills with guests, they enjoy creating pizzas from a selection of toppings.”

    See and read more here in latest news.

  67. One of your Primo 60 ovens looking good at our recently completed garden in Balham, London.

    Read more here!

  68. Lawrence Roberts

    The newly installed Primo 60 – positioned next to a cosy seating area and a bountiful herb planter, perfect for pizza garnishing!

    Read more here!

  69. Absolutely delighted with the oven, great bread and succulent meat.

    Best wishes to you all.

    Neville Machin

  70. Nick Maybin

    Hi Guys,

    We bought the Primo 60 in March this year and I had already been building towards our outdoor kitchen. We’ve had an amazing summer using the oven on many weekends, inviting neighbours, friends and family over and we could not be more satisfied with the results from the oven.

    It’s a brilliant addition to our garden and we look forward to many more years of use.

    Great oven, great company – thanks very much.

  71. Leon Graves

    I had my birthday party and managed to cook for 75 people on it over the course of the day ( we went a bit pizza mad!) Just wanted to say thank you for providing such a quality product, we love it.


  72. Jason Worman

    The pizza oven has been great really enjoying having the outside oven. And the weather has been great for outside cooking.

  73. Stuart Marsden

    First thing to say, I am the customer from Hell, I ask thousands of questions before I make my mind up; so apologies to Tom and his staff. Every single person I spoke to gave me exactly what I asked for; if a question couldn’t be answered immediately, I was never forgotten and a reply came back quickly.

    Using the oven is easy and a fantastic experience; you become one with your food. I would simply say, follow the excellent manual, safety guide and advice and you can cook anything.

    Get yourself one of these ovens and start the journey; the pinnacle of outdoor cooking!

  74. Torben Iversen

    Thought you might want to see a picture of your pizza oven as it looks installed in our kitchen in Northern Sweden. We put a smoke extractor on top of the chimney and have not had any problems with the oven creating smoke in the kitchen (as long as I remember to turn the extractor fan on!).

    Without the extractor we probably would have had some smoke issues judging from your video given that we chose an indoor installation.

    The oven is working great and we are very pleased!

  75. Jean-Christophe Novelli

    Comments from Jean-Christophe Novelli’s blog post about his Gio 120 oven which can be found here

    “We are now starting to install the new bread oven from the Stone Oven Company. I’m hoping this will back memories of my younger days, my first job as a baker.”

    “I think it will look fabulous in here, just next to my fire place and in a position that all of my visitors to the Novelli Academy can see what is baking.”

    “OMG this brings back memories already and I haven’t even had a chance to try it out properly yet, just the smells of the burning wood and the heat of the fire and I’m back to over 35 years ago!”

    “Oh la la!!! This is such fun.”

    “Time to go and practice baking some of my special bread recipes! Watch this space!”

    More photos in the Jean-Chrisophe Novelli’s photo gallery here!

  76. Mike and Pat Smith

    We have now enjoyed the last two weeks eating outside with all sorts of dishes cooked in the oven. We are extremely pleased with the with the oven.

    Thanks for your help,

    Mike & Pat Smith

  77. Ty Gardner

    Ty Gardner looking chuffed with his stone baked pizza, fired in his Mezzo 76.

  78. Brian Whalley

    We thought you might be interested in our Primo oven last weekend. We’ve got the hand of things and as well as pizza, calzones, bread we’ve also done yorkshire puds and clafoutis.

  79. Sam Bright

    It’s so easy to achieve the best tasting food ever even when boyfriend was away. Firing up was a doodle!

  80. Anders Gullstrand

    I´m in love….. Pizza in 2 mins!

  81. Clare Woodward

    Thrilled with our purchase! Thought we would send you a photo of your lovely oven – now positioned nicely on the decking in our garden! We love it & so do our friends!

  82. Si King - The Hairy Bikers

    “rain, hail, wind and shine, [I'm] loving the oven!” (Mezzo 76 Oven)


  83. Phil Voice

    When I told the Stone Bake Oven Company I would be reviewing their oven I insisted on giving an open and honest account.

    Well they have nothing to be worried about because I’m 100% percent satisfied. The Primo 60 oven is a quality product and I’d highly recommend it.

    The design build quality of the Primo 60 is exceptional. The moulding is crisp and you can see care and attention has been taken during manufacture.

    I can also vouch for the before and after sales service. I’ve mainly been dealing with Laura but there’s a full team for support during every step of the way; even fitting/delaying delivery to suit my building plans.

    What is more the instructions which come with the oven are well printed, clear and comprehensive and backed up entirely by a well maintained and informative website. Even if you have to speak to a human there is always a very friendly person available during office hours.

    All in all I think my Primo 60 will be around for many years to come and give me hours and hours of satisfaction and well worth the price.

    Phil Voice's Primo 60 Oven

  84. Adam Fox

    Primo 60

    all going well – cider chicken was my latest adventure, was delicious #WFO

    Fox Beer Can Chicken Stone oven

  85. Marcus Jupe

    I can’t praise the Mezzo enough, we cooked in it 5 out of 7 days last week. Pizza, Lasagne, Steak, jacket Potatoes, 7 hour slow roasted pork with bbq sauce, 6 hour slow roasted leg of lamb in 2 bottles of red wine!

    Mezzo 76 Wood Fired Pizza Oven

  86. Mr Smith
  87. Jon Shadforth

    Check out what Mr Shadforth is upto with his Primo 60 Oven – awesome blog here

    Primo Bread Oven Wood Fired

  88. Polly Gledhill

    Follow Polly Gledhill on Twitter! @Saintspoll
    Check out her cooking up a storm in a Stone Bake Mezzo 76 Oven!

    @stonebakeovenco tee hee and we did overnight shoulder of pork. Have 3tubs of pulled pork in my fridge. put on 2lbs this weekend!

    @stonebakeovenco we had a dough mountain.Asked @saintdantheman to make 3kg of dough.He thought I meant use 3kg of flour! Dough everywhere!

    #notjustforpizzas my #woodfired brownies. I love my wood fired oven! @stonebakeovenco

    #notjustforpizzas #woodfired @realbread @stonebakeovenco

    I’m a firestarter, twisted firestarter @stonebakeovenco

    Mezzo Wood Fired Oven Cooking Stone Bake

  89. Maria Silabon

    I thought you may like some photos of the finished work although I am contemplating mosaic tiling the oven!

    Thank you for you support, a happy customer!


    Primo 60

  90. Albie P

    Primo 60

    Looks great and much in use despite the weather. Attracts attention from all the family as you can see.

    We are putting it to good use again next weekend for that little one’s (grandson) 2nd birthday pizza party !

    Kind regards,


  91. Mark Rice

    Dear Tom and Laura

    Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for your help and support with my Primo 60.

    I must say the cooking results I’ve had so far are just astonishing and have exceeded all expectations! All those wasted years ordering chewy commercial pizzas when I now have the most unbelievable crisp pizzas in seconds. Used the oven for Peri Peri prawns (amazing) and necks of Lamb finished with infused rosemary (more amazing) at the weekend and to say my guests were overwhelmed would be an understatement!

    The Primo is the perfect size for a small family, quick to heat and is a great conversation piece and guarantees Jealous neighbours ;0).

    Thanks again and good luck with the business.

    Kind regards

    Mark Rice

    primo wood fired oven pizza

  92. Marcus Jupe

    Cant wait to start cooking in my Mezzo 76! Here it is mid build process!

    Thanks again,

    M. Jupe

    Mezzo 76 building a pizza oven

  93. James Dobson

    Best lamb ive ever tasted by the way! Mezzo 76 Oven

    James Dobson

    Mezzo 76 wood burning pizza oven

  94. Neil Gillbourne

    Oven is awesome!!!!

    Many Thanks

    Neil Gilbourne

  95. Simon Carey
  96. John Armstrong

    Pride of place installed in the garden – and pizza and roast pork cooked for 27! Thankyou for the lovely stove.

    - John Armstrong, Mezzo 76 Oven

    Mezzo Oven Wood Fired Armstrong Armstrong Wood Fired Oven Mezzo

  97. Kathryn Chorley

    I purchased the primo 60 for my husbands 40th birthday as a surprise Laura was extremely helpful in helping and answering all my many questions! We have had an area bricked around the oven it looks amazing. We had our first pizza party at weekend cooked over 10 pizza’s to perfection. All I need for him is a delivery bike, so watch out dominos!!

    Hindle Outdoor Pizza Oven Primo 60 Primo 60 Oven pizza outdoor oven

  98. Garry Alexander

    HI Laura and Tom,

    Thought you would like to see my completed Mezzo Oven, I love it!

    Had lots of Pizza’s and great food from it already.

    I have lots more photos from start to finish (all in bad weather) would you like to see more?

    (see Garry’s Mezzo Wood Oven)


    Garry Alexander

    Mezzo Oven Garry Alexander

  99. Marc Burroughes

    A bit late but here are my photo’s. Managed to get it built during the summer in a week and have been happily baking ever since.

    Thanks for your help.


  100. Simon Tovey

    The oven is fantastic. I am onto my 3rd go now starting to understand
    how it works and the heat required to get things going

    Its really great fun and will keep you posted. I want to send some
    piccies in to see if I can make it onto your wall of fame…


    Mezzo Oven

  101. Stone Bake Team

    Read about Mr Bromilows Indoor Mezzo Oven and his cooking experiences in his new kitchen extension here

    wood fired oven indoors

  102. Martyn Ward

    My oven arrived on Friday as promised. I had spent the day building the foundation, so on Friday evening one of my stronger friends arrived to help me lift it into position. I spent Saturday morning tidying the area, and by lunchtime I was ready!

    I love it! I made pizza dough while the oven was heating up. Your oven cooked me the most delicious thin and crispy pizza that I have ever tasted, and then a thicker pizza made with garlic and olive oil. Later we cooked chicken with Mediterranean vegetables. That too was delicious!

    I need to practice and learn, but I think that my wife and I might well give up on the kitchen cooker.

    Thank you for your help and advice. I am looking forward to many happy hours of wood oven cooking.


    Martyn Ward.

  103. Stone Bake Team

    Read about Mr Shadforths experiences with his Primo Oven, here

    Primo Pizza Oven cooking

    primo pizza oven wood fired

    primo outdoor pizza oven cooking

  104. Mezzo Oven Lit Wood Fired Greenall

    It’s up and running very well, we use it most days and we’re just sorting
    out garden lighting so we can use it during the short days of winter.

    Many thanks,

    Simon Greenall (Mezzo Oven)

  105. Mike Sharp

    Hi Tom, thanks for your advice over the additional insulation for my oven. I would just like to say how pleased we are with our Primo oven we recently had a lovely time with friends and family gathered around the oven making our own pizzas and roasting vegetables, the day was a great success with most of my friends leaving feeling very full and very envious,.
    Regards Mike

  106. BrookLandscapes
  107. Halina Kessler
  108. Robin and Shelia Harris

    Hi All at Stonebake

    All completed,(Primo Oven) did not get chance to have a run through before inviting 15 last Saturday evening. Used your tomato recipe and your dough recipe (fantastic) we made Gluten free pizzas, wholemeal pizzas and white flour pizzas – himself criticised the shape of some of them but I did point out his shift was yet to come ha!

    Sent some piccies all went to plan – yes it did only take a minute and produced fantastic pizzas – I love it when a plan works. Everyone enjoyed the pizzas and said they were better than they had ever tasted before.

    Thanks for all your help and patience.


    Primo Outdoor Oven GardenFamily Pizza Oven StonePizza OvenCooking Bread Wood Oven

  109. Roshi Saul

    The oven (Primo 60) arrived perfectly and I have just baked a pizza, a beef casserole and a perfect birthday cake for my daughter’s 20th!

    Many thanks for all your help.

    With all best wishes

    Roshi, September 2012

    Outdoor Primo Oven Wood Fired

  110. Phil Voice

    Phil Voice Primo 60 Oven Review,


    “The Primo 60 oven is a quality product and I’d highly recommend it.
    The design build quality of the Primo 60 is exceptional. The moulding is crisp and you can see care and attention has been taken during manufacture ”

    “All in all I think my Primo 60 will be around for many years to come and give me hours and hours of satisfaction and well worth the price.”

    Voice Primo Outdoor Burning Wood

  111. Jon Shadforth

    Hi – I have a couple of questions about the Primo 60 we have. But also wanted to say how amazingly well it’s going – everyone is blown away by outdoor pizzas, and we’ve got bread, Italian hot pot, even soup, all cooking in it! (Italian beef stew, Stracotti di manzo, 4 hours in the oven, thickened with Orzo, best stew of my life. Some piccies and notes on my blog).

    Thanks Jon

    Primo Oven Outdoor Wood Fired

  112. Forza Win

    Here’s two little beauties (mezzo’s) in full flow last night. We’ve named them mario & luigi. INCREDIBLE ovens

    Mezzo Oven Outdoor Wood Fired Mezzo Wood Fire Outdoors

  113. Richard Delvin

    Got a Primo for my 60th birthday last year and the pizzas have turned out delicious!

  114. Mauro Fanton

    i hope you like my pizza Oven (The Mezzo Oven)

    Best regard from an Italian mad men

    mauro fanton

    Mauro Fanton Mezzo Wood Burning Oven 1

    Mauro Fanton Wood Burning Oven Built In

  115. James Seed

    The oven is doing very well thank you. We have had many social gatherings with friends. We held a pizza party for New Year and catered for about 30 people comfortably. I can surely provide some photos for you. I will dig them out and send them over

    Cheers Jim,

  116. Darren Thresh

    The Primo is fantastic and has survived it’s first winter without issue.
    I’ve really missed the outdoor cooking through winter as my wife doesn’t have the same passion to eat fresh pizza in the snow as I do! The plans and build for the outdoor kitchen went really well and the Primo really finishes it off, it looks right at home and as soon as we get a clear day, I’ll be lighting it up again. When I do, I’ll send you some photographs.

  117. Andy and Eli Puttock

    The Puttocks Primo Wood Burning Oven

    The Pizza oven is great thank you! Photo attached – the blockwork has been painted since then! The third time we used it was when our son left for University and we had all his friends round – we cooked 20 pizzas from scratch in just over an hour.

    Many thanks

    Andy and Eli Puttock

  118. Ronnie

    Hi There

    I bought a Primo from you in the summer – it is really really fabulous – everything you advertise and more. If you need anyone to view one in Scotland – they’d be welcome to come and see ours!


  119. Clive Robinson

    Hi Laura,

    I’d just like to confirm that the brush arrived on Friday 21st as promised and thank you once more for the call of reassurance. Your level of attention to a small order is a great credit to your business, well done.


    Clive Robinson

  120. lee amis

    just like to say thank you tom for all your help, we used the primo oven for the first time on sunday, i thought if i am going to fail i will do it in a big way so we invited 10 people around for pizza. we had an amazing afternoon making pizzas we made over 20 and to my supprise they were all perfect, the recipes for the dough and the tomato sauce are spot on . i cant see us using our oven any more, roll on the weekend i even made a calozone. i think ill buy myself a bike and start home deliveries

  121. Tim McKenna

    Hi Stone Bake Team,

    Thank-you for all your brilliant help and excellent customer service I must say! Mrs McKenna and I are now your doting fans! We LOVE our new Mezzo Oven it keeps its heat for ages! We have lots of autuminal gatherings planned. Mastering bread loaves.

    Thanks for your help,


  122. David & Janice Edwards

    Our in built in Rocca Oven!

    wood fired oven rocca

    rocca wood fired oven wood

  123. Roger Stoke

    Hi Tom,
    Thanks for the Mezzo Oven, using it has been a pleasure, thank-you for your guidance, looking forward to many more wood fired dishes over the winter months!
    Kind Regards,


  124. Sarah Mann

    cooked to perfection in my Primo oven

    wood fired mussels

    Baked NZ Greenlip mussels simply done with garlic butter,served with rosemary and olive oil roasted baby new potatoes washed down with lashing of homemade elderflower bubbly…..summer should always be like this!

  125. Sarah Gault

    Sorry for the overload of pics, can count on one hand how many times we’ve had the oven on in the house since we got our primo. So versatile and the kids love cooking outside, amazing bit of kit!!

    Wood fired oven food

  126. Andrew Shepherd

    Thought you may like some feed back!

    Really loving it. After four weeks of experimenting with new oven felt i was ready to entertain so invited eight friends over for Pizza Evening. It was successful although still had not cracked the illusive ‘crusty base’ until yesterday!

    Also picked up that wonderful recipes from one of your customers whereby you cook chicken thighs and choritzo in remaining tomato base sauce. Leave in oven to cook slowly. Takes about an hour and delicious



  127. Ben Wilcox

    Primo Wood Burning Oven

    Thoroughly enjoying the Primo! Had a party last night, I think we did 15 pizzas – terrific summer evening.

    We have had some wonderful pizza gatherings. Recently had a birthday party for my wife, who has a couple of favorites (BBQ chicken) and the starter I mentioned before (Carmelised Onion and Goat Cheese). This is a fairly simply pizza to make and everyone seems to love it to get the night started. I have attached a couple of pictures,



  128. Jackie Richmond

    - The Rocca –

    It isn’t quite finished off- but can’t wait any longer – am going to give it a go tomorrow!!

    pizza oven pizza oven

  129. Jo Batson

    Our Primo on a Sunday afternoon…
    Primo Sunday Wood Fired

  130. Nick Colegrave

    new Primo oven installed and already well used. Thanks for all your help, and an excellent product!

  131. Andrew Stuart Gault

    Our built in Primo Wood Burning Pizza Oven

    Wood Burning Oven

  132. Claire Pym

    All ready for our dinner guests!!!

    Pym's Primo Wood Fired Oven Built In
    Champers and a wood burning oven

  133. Gale Faulks

    Thank-you all for your help and for a smooth delivery of our Primo Oven. I have found the guidance second to none, and am enjoying getting to grips with my new oven. Particularly of use was the Cooking Techniques guide. Thanks again! Gale

  134. Therese Smit

    I purchased my very first wood fired oven this April 2011 with the hopes of learning something new,

    I have been pleasantly surprised with how easy the Rocca is to use, and the guidance provided by the Stone Bake Team,

    Since then the majority of our cooking is wood fired! I have mastered Porchetta and Beef roasts!

    Thanks for your support,

    Therese Smit

  135. Stone Bake Ovens help has given The Larder House a totally unique offering in the local area. The oven is the back bone to
    our kitchen and food offering. It makes customers feel they are somewhere very special and a getting an authentic product
    cooked honestly.

    The Larder House Crew

  136. Neil Buchan

    Hi I brought my primo back in October 2010, and have only recently had the chance to put it to the test, I have cooked several pizzas and even and boned out rolled leg of lamb for the family and I must admit its tastes and cooks beautifully the whole experience of using the oven with friends is great!

  137. Jack Van Spall

    Best pizza I’ve ever tasted!

  138. David Atwill

    Dear Tom at The Stone Bake Oven Co.

    Thank you so much for coming to our rescue at the 2010 New Forest Show.

    The supplier of our clay oven let us down and then there you were! Lucky for us, as our cookery demonstration called for the production of at least a dozen pizzas a day! You installed one of your Stonebake ovens for us, gave us some wood and even sent one of your staff members across to check all was well.
    Once it was fired up, the oven was amazing and we were banging out pizzas to a gathering crowd of people who could smell the aroma of fresh-cooked Margarita pizzas all across the show ground – no wonder our exhibit one first prize!

    Thanks again for all your help and support and I can thoroughly recommend your ovens…I shall be buying one for myself once my garden is ready in the spring of 2011.

    With best wishes

    New Forest District Council

    Paul Fulford-New Forest District Council

    Recycled Garden

  139. Ted Carrasco

    I’ve been enjoying my Primo oven for nearly two weeks now. It’s a great tool and a fantastic addition to our garden. The Primo is equally ideal for serving pizza for two, or busting out over 75 pies as we did last Saturday. It makes fantastic pizza and it’s a great party piece. Getting creative with our pizzas has become one of our favorite pastimes, and even a competition! The pizza oven is the new barbecue!! Viva la Primo! Thank You!

  140. Geoff Lai

    Wonderful! This has revolutionised the way I view family gatherings! I don’t have enough superlatives to describe how good this is. The happy, smiling silence of satisfaction as my friends and family tuck in is worth every penny spent. I can’t thank you enough!

  141. Greg Tutty

    My name is Greg Tutty, I have had my bespoke Stone Bake Oven for a couple of months now, since then we have had some great experiances cooking outside.

    We have had slow roasted lamb, roasted beer can chicken and numerous pizza sessions.

    We have had many great parties, catering for everybody, I look forward to many years of cooking ahead, thanks to Tom and all the team at The Stone Bake Oven Company.

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