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Here at The Stone Bake Oven Company we greatly value all feedback about our range of ovens and the service we provide.  We welcome you to read through the experiences of past customers and to leave comments of your own.


  1. Mr Nicholson

    Purchased a Primo 60 in the summer 2014, fired it up every weekend since we purchased it, this is an an amazing centre piece for any garden and well worth the money, had some fantastic results and the Stone Bake Team are a pleasure to deal with.

  2. Wally Axford

    The installation of our Mezzo 76 Oven was completed by the beginning of June, 2014. We have used it many times since, producing ‘awesome and wicked’ pizzas (rated by the grandchildren)!

  3. Nick Ashley

    What can I say but it is fantastic and we have been cooking on it on a regular basis. Have had lots of friends round for pizza parties and lots of interested comments too as to where we got it from etc. Anyway the pictures speak for themselves…

  4. Dean Barrett

    You can probably guess that the influence for the build was retro american gas station hence the reproduction gas pump and original street signs. The pizza oven was always central to the design and the whole areas was planned around it.

    We live on a fairly exposed hill where we pretty much continually get wind of some kind which makes any outdoor cooking difficult. An outdoor kitchen made sense which I then constructed over 5 months.

    My criteria for the oven was something I didn’t have to spend ages constructing, and that other people had experience of. I found positive reviews at ukwoodfiredovens, and was impressed with the professional look of your website and guidance provided therein.

    Performance has been great, we only intend to use the oven for pizza’s and its has worked great for this and all the family are really impressed.

    Dean Barrett

    For Mr Barrett’s full gallery, click here. />

  5. Graham McCreadie

    A wee bit delayed but wanted to send you some photo’s of my “outdoor kitchen” as it’s been dubbed by families and friends.

    We’ve made great use of the Pizza Oven with lots of Pizza’s being made including some very tasty breakfast pizza’s when we had family over to stay, an excellent pick me up the “morning after the night before”.

    I’ve used it for a few slow cooked overnight meals as well and ended up making myself an insulated door to help with heat retention which was very easy to do.

    I’ve also been lucky enough that an old coffee table we have happens to fit perfectly over my fire pit and, as you’ll see, is perfect as an outdoor preparation area and makes pizza making so much easier and even a bit less messy in the kitchen much to my wife’s pleasure!

    The whole family is agreed it’s been one of the best buys we’ve ever made!

    Anyway, we’ve truly enjoyed the oven and wanted to share some of the good times with you and the team, thanks again.


  6. Andrew Keightley

    In short it’s been great fun so far. Whilst I initially got the oven primarily for pizzas (which are great) I was surprised at the roasting and grilling potential of the oven and have used it for this much more than I anticipated. It is far superior to any barbecue I’ve used, either gas or charcoal; the food (meat, sausages, burgers…) being cooked perfectly, moist and no charring of the outside. I’ve found using a cast iron griddle in the oven is excellent as the food is subjected to heat from all sides at the same time and effectively only needs turning to make attractive lines on the other side of the food! Whilst the quality of cooking is great at all times I found that the speed of cooking and not having to constantly tend the food whilst it is cooking is perfect for entertaining and keeping the party supplied with a steady flow of food items.

    I’ve only used the oven to cook bread a couple of times using the residual heat following cooking pizzas/grilling and think perhaps the oven may have benefitted from being hotter. I also suspect that the heat retention would be improved if the oven was ‘built in’ and had further insulation. The base I built for the oven and stand is sufficient enough for a more permanent structure should I wish to build the oven a more permanent home…but that’s for later perhaps.

    Overall it’s been good fun and interesting to try out and I look forward to more experimenting! Also, the level of information, guidance, attention and ‘aftercare’ you provide is excellent customer service and from my experience of purchasing and using one of your ovens I would not hesitate to recommend you and your products.

  7. Lucy Newton

    Hi just wanted to share how awesome our oven looks this morning in the sunshine…thanks again, we can’t wait to fire it up again this weekend!

  8. Richard Hall

    We absolutely love the oven, its an amazing social event, and getting everyone to make their own pizza is so much fun!

  9. Judith Jungmayr

    So far so good, excellent pizzas and sourdough bread cooked at different stages of firing. We are running just for guests staying with us we sleep 22 in 3 cottages and 2 caravans and have fed everyone to great satisfaction!

  10. Mark Gutteridge

    Hi! Well we’ve had our Primo 60 going around 4 times and it’s absolutely fantastic. We had a good look round at all the ovens on the market and are so pleased we chose yours. Attached the photo so you can see how it fits into the garden.

  11. Jim Andrews


    Here are a few pics of the stages of building my Mezzo oven. I love it! Had it three weeks and cooked so many different things in it. Pizzas, slow roast shoulder if pork, large spatchcocked
    chicken, whole teriyaki salmon, chateaubriand, eggs florentine next morning, 12 poussin, three to skewer,
    loads of garlic bread and fougasse.


    Jim Andrews

  12. Joh Parsons


    We are very happy with the Oven! We are still experimenting with pizzas & Roasts & have some great results.

    I have attached some photo’s of our built in Mezzo!! Overall we’re very pleased with the service & The product!


  13. Russell Simonot

    We are loving the Primo 60 oven!! Check out some photo’s from our mobile wood burning oven & chef business – Wood Fired Artisan Food & Themed Feasts!

  14. Judy Digney


    We’re very pleased with our oven and our pizza cooking skills are gradually improving.

    We decided not to build a brick base but to use your iron frame, though we made a rough and ready serving table from the planks from our old shed, together with some lovely new oak planks from a local timber merchant.

  15. Baxter Bradford

    Smokey chicken breast with red onion, basil and tomato sauce. We all agreed that the blackened parts had the most intense flavour. The dish was short-lived, such was the flavour! Just loving the Primo 60.

  16. Stephen Barker


    The pizza oven is going very well, thanks very much – I am delighted with it !

    Have cooked pizzas (obviously), curry, Lamb Kleftico, Morrocan beef, chocolate soufflé, a roast chicken (after cooking a pizza) and this stayed very moist.

    Am hoping to pour concrete countertops tomorrow and when they are all polished, will do brickwork etc around the pizza oven and insulate it so hopefully it will hold the heat a bit longer.

    I always do what you said, which is to put some regular logs in there once I am done cooking and these dry out very nicely, and I then use these to start the next fire and then top up with just a few bought kiln-dried logs just to raise the temperature.

  17. Laura Green

    Oven all finished last weekend and we’re just waiting for some good weather to fire it up!
    Attached is a picture of it completed and built up in our beautiful English limestone (you may have guessed by my email address we have a good supply readily available, thinking of ordering another one for the office!)
    Many thanks for the very efficient and friendly service (even before we ordered).

    Twitter comment:

    Stamford Stone Co. ‏@Stamfordstoneco
    Pleasure dealing with you @stonebakeovenco we’re thrilled with the results!

  18. Geoff Webster

    Here is a photo of a brick oven I built using a cast sent from your company, I built the oven on the Somerset Devon border. I am a bricklayer with 25 years experience and was hoping if you have customers in the south west area you can pass on my details!

  19. Brian Shaw

    Just wanted to let you know that the mid sized oven went in perfectly and the end result is fantastic! The pizza oven was easy to install and the cooking results have been brilliant. My wife Sue has been really impressed; she now has a second oven which is better than the one in our kitchen. Needless to say it is a favourite with the younger members of our family!!

  20. Mennel Welch

    Just wanted to tell you that my oven is now fully up & working and that it is totally amazing! I have had loads of people enquiring so will be sending on your details.

  21. Paul Whittam

    Just thought I’d drop you some pictures of my finished Primo 60 (following delivery last summer).
    Had some great results from it!!!

  22. Jamie Cousins

    My @stonebakeovenco mezzo getting ready, squid, clams and sea bream tonight, roasted veg, garlic pizza blanco, yum!

  23. Ella McCreath - Galloway House Estate

    Sea view cooking at the pizza oven at High Lodge. Cooks amazing bread, apples & even lobster.

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