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A theatrical centre piece that adds a real point of difference to your business…

  • "We are delighted with the wood fired oven that The Stone Bake Oven Company built for us at The Pig last summer, it was completed on time and on budget."
    Robin Hutson - Limewood Group
  • "The quality and range of ovens are second to none. Customer service has been exemplary throughout the process and their expertise and guidance has been very welcome."
    David Connell - Exclusive Hotels
  • "We chose Gozney Stone Bake Ovens for the Academy a while ago which has proven to be a very popular attraction in many of the courses. The fantastic smells and results speak for themselves."
    Jean Christophe Novelli

Why choose us?

  • Defra smoke exemption
  • Designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Competitively priced
  • Unbeatable heat retention
  • Economical wood consumption meaning low fuel costs
  • Available in wood only, gas only or a gas/wood combination
  • Commercial oven training available

Business Benefits

  • Stand out from your competitors
  • Create new customer interest
  • Maximise food profit margins
  • High pizza output per hour
  • Reliable, non mechanical product
  • Excellent culinary diversity and cooking results

At The Stone Bake Oven Company we are fanatical about customer service.
If you have any questions please call us on: 0845 8340252 or enquire online…

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The Gio Series

The Gio Series is the Stone Bake Oven Company’s range of professional Stone Bake Ovens. Hand cast in the UK, the Gio Series is available in wood fired, gas and gas/wood combination. Suitable for installation indoors and out, the Gio Oven’s enclosure can be completely customised to your style. The Gio Oven Family is available in four sizes, designed for use twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.

The Gio Oven's Aesthetic Design

The Gio Oven includes the integrated iconic half-circular arch, which forms a grand entrance to the oven and allows easy access to cooking items. The shape of the oven mouth optimises the view of burning embers and increases theatrical atmosphere, keeping clientele enthralled in their dining experience, from start to finish.

Defra Exemption for Smoke Controlled Areas

The Gio Series is Defra Certified, and can be found on the Defra Exemption List, for more information on Defra and The Stone Bake Oven Company, contact the Stone Bake Team.

The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs states, that in certain areas of the UK (mainly built up areas, i.e. London) it can be an offence to burn solid fuels without the use of an exempt appliance. Exempt appliances are appliances (ovens, wood burners and stoves) which have been exempted by Statutory Instruments (Orders) under the Clean Air Act 1993 or Clean Air (Northern Ireland) Order 1981. These have passed tests to confirm that they are capable of burning an unauthorised or inherently smoky solid fuel without emitting smoke.


The Gio Oven's Cooking Capabilities

The Gio Oven is capable of cooking virtually any food type. Renowned for its Pizza, speciality bread and roasting capabilities, a wood fired oven can also deliver exceptional results with vegetable dishes, appetisers, desserts, herb/wood smoked dishes and much more.

Cooking Pizza in a Gio Oven

Renowned in the industry as a high mark up food item, Pizza is one of the UK’s most popular dishes. A Gio Series Oven is capable of cooking an authentic Neapolitan pizza in less then 90 seconds.  The smallest of the Gio Oven Series is capable of cooking over 180 pizzas or more an hour, making the potential returns on Pizza cooking phenomenal.

Technical Design

The Gio Oven’s design is exclusive to the Stone Bake Oven Company. Each hand cast oven is comprised of multiple segments, 80mm thick dome segments and 65mm thick base segments. These segments interlock to form a seamless cooking environment which allows the oven to expand and contract during firing. This prevents oven cracking and increases the oven’s structural integrity. Segmentation also allows for easy installation in space restricted establishments.

Gio Composition

The Gio's Composition, Density and Weight

The Gio Oven is made from an extremely dense mix of specialist refractory based aggregate, bound by a refractory mortar. This mix is specifically designed for its purpose, unbeatable heat retention that is more reliable, efficient and structurally sound than ovens made from clay or bricks. Outweighing competitors, the Gio Oven's weight reflects its density, thermal capabilities and quality. (See Gio Series Oven Weights in chart below).

Micro-Mesh Re-enforcement Technology

Gio Oven Reinforcement

Each Gio Oven segment is reinforced with Micro Mesh Technology, exclusive to the Stone Bake Oven Company. These are fibres which form a complex mesh within each oven segment, adding increased structural integrity and longevity to the Gio Oven Series.

Gio Oven

The Gio Oven's Insulation

The Gio Series are insulated with specialist high heat insulation board, placed underneath the cooking floor of the oven. This is essential for extended heat retention and high capacity pizza cooking. The Gio dome is insulated with 1600 degree rated insulation wool. Combining the insulating nature of the oven material and additional insulation of the hearth and dome, gives our ovens over 96 hours* heat retention. The Gio Ovens insulation ensures retained heat and a consistent cooking environment, for an economical and efficient wood or gas fired oven.

* after ‘normal’ high temperature use, with the door in place.

No Need to Cure Your Gio Oven

Unlike any other ovens, each Gio Series Oven is dried in a commercial kiln before leaving the manufacturers. This alleviates the need for timely and impractical curing fires. Once the Gio Series Oven is installed, it is ready to be used immediately.

Gio oven install

The Gio Oven's Thermal Capabilities

Due to the specially designed material composition, densely insulated cooking floor and dome, the Gio Oven has unbeatable heat retention. Once fired to 450°C, and the last log added or gas turned off, the the oven will retain its heat for over 96 hours*. The Gio Oven’s excellent thermal qualities ensures reduced wood/gas consumption and lower running costs.

* after ‘normal’ high temperature use, with the door in place.

Gio Oven Firing Up Times

Depending on the ovens size, the Gio Oven can reach optimum cooking temperatures (450°C) within 55 – 75 minutes when lit from cold (See Gio Series Firing Times in comparison chart below). These firing times are based on starting the oven from cold, reduce this time to less than half, when re-lighting the oven from the previous day.

Gas Burner Conversion Kits

Gio Oven Gas Burners

Manufactured in Italy, The Stone Bake Oven Company’s multi-gas atmospheric burners are designed specifically for use in wood fired ovens. An excellent alternative to burning wood, the gas burner gives reliable and even oven heating, with silent running and easy to use, safe controls. Available in Natural Gas or LPG, each gas burner is CE approved, rigorously tested and comes with a certificate and guarantee. The Gio Series Gas Burner is £1900 + vat.


The Gio Oven Warranty

The Gio Series are covered by a 3 year oven warranty.

Gio Oven

The Gio Build Process

There are three main stages to the Gio Oven installation, 1) the oven base and enclosure, 2) the oven core and assembly and 3) the flue system. The Stone Bake Oven Company can take care of the entire process, or break it down into stages for partial management by yourself or your build team, increasing affordability. Please find more detail on the build process at the bottom of the page.

The Gio Ovens Affordability

The Gio Series’ affordable price point is a balance between high grade, quality, UK sourced refractory materials and affordability. Savings made from UK manufacturing including less product travel, no importation and freight charges, are passed directly onto the purchaser. The result is a reliable commercial oven, at an economical price to work for your business.

All of our ovens are made in England

Gio Lead Time

Unlike other ovens, we are not restricted by importation times, our Gio Series in made here in the UK at our Stone Bake Oven Company manufacturers. The Gio Series are held in stock for a fast, turn around service.

Why Choose The Stone Bake Oven Company

Unlike other wood fired oven distributors the Stone Bake Oven Company pride themselves in being the manufacturer and distributor of all their products, giving customers the confidence they need in dealing with a member of the Stone Bake team directly, with no middlemen.

At The Stone Bake Oven Company we are fanatical about customer service.
If you have any questions please call us on: 0845 8340252 or enquire online…

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Gio 120Gio 140Gio 160Gio 180
Internal Diameter (cm) 120 140 W140 x L160 W140 x L180
Pizza Capacity 6 8 11 15
External Size (cm) L157 W138 H57 L183 W159 H57 L203 W159 H57 L223 W159 H57
Mouth Size (cm) W56 H27 W56 H27 W56 H27 W56 H27
Weight (kg) 1000 1300 1400 1500
Base Dimensions (cm) L170 W160 L195 W180 L215 W180 L235 W180
No. of Segments 18 23 28 33
Fire Up Time (cold to 450°) 70 min 80 min 90 min 100 min
Following Day, Fire Up Time 25 min 30 min 35 min 40 min
Pricing (Ex VAT) £4500.00 £5000.00 £5500.00 £6000.00
Technical Specification
Click the PDF symbol to download full oven specification documents
Gio 120 specification Gio 140 specification Gio 160 specification Gio 180 specification
The Gio Oven

The Installation Process.

There are three main stages to installing a wood fired oven:

  • 1. Building the ovens base and enclosure
  • 2. Installing, insulating and sealing the wood fired oven
  • 3. Installing the flue system or extraction system

Option 1

We can manage the entire process for you, installing the flue system, building the base and enclosure as well as installing the oven, leaving your hands free to run your business, causing minimum disruption to you.

Option 2

Being aware that your budget and bottom line is important to you, we have developed this option to be more affordable , saving you roughly around a third of the cost of us managing the entire process.  We will break the installation stages down for you to make the process more affordable. You employ a local builder to build the ovens enclosure, you employ an extraction company to fit the flue and we install the oven. This is very easy and clear to follow with the detailed manuals we provide. Please ask a member of staff for more details and manuals.

Please find the commercial terms and conditions here.

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If you have any questions please call us
on: 0845 8340252 or enquire online…