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The Mezzo 76

The Mezzo 76 Oven

Availability: In stock


Includes: The Mezzo dome and base, stainless steel flue, rain cap & door.

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Owners Manual FAQ's Tech Spec
  • Follow Polly Gledhill on Twitter! @Saintspoll Check out her cooking up a storm in a Stone Bake Mezzo 76 Oven!
    #notjustforpizzas my #woodfired brownies. I love my wood fired oven!

    Polly Gledhill - June 2013

  • Just wanted to let you know that the mid sized oven went in perfectly and the end result is fantastic! The pizza oven was easy to install and the cooking results have been brilliant. My wife Sue has been really impressed; she now has a second oven which is better than the one in our kitchen. Needless to say it is a favourite with the younger members of our family!!

    Brian Shaw - May 2014

  • Steve Dubois - June 2014

  • The oven is everything I hoped it would be. It feels like a great addition to the garden and has created a fantastic social space. It is as easy to light and manage as you say I am so looking forward to expanding my repertoire of wood fired oven dishes.

    Jan North - April 2014

  • I can’t praise the Mezzo enough, we cooked in it 5 out of 7 days last week. Pizza, Lasagne, Steak, jacket Potatoes, 7 hour slow roasted pork with bbq sauce, 6 hour slow roasted leg of lamb in 2 bottles of red wine!

    Marcus Jupe - June 2013

  • So happy with the finished outcome of building our Mezzo 76 indoors!

    Bromilow's - July 2012

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Why buy from The Stone Bake Oven Company?

Here at the Stone Bake Oven Company, we manufacture and distribute our ovens in the UK, meaning no middlemen. We pride ourselves on our extensive experience in wood fired oven manufacture, and are always on hand for credible advice and guidance. Unlike any other manufacturer, all our ovens are kiln dried before dispatch, meaning no laborious curing fires and each of our ovens is re-enforced with Micro Mesh Technology, exclusive to the Stone Bake Oven Company. The Mezzo 76 Oven is easy to install, with no building work required.

The Mezzo 76:

The Mezzo 76 Oven is our popular, medium sized wood-fired oven exclusively designed and hand cast by the Stone Bake Oven Company in the UK. A perfect centrepiece for a kitchen or garden, the Mezzo 76 is suitable to be installed both indoors and outdoors, ideal for those who want to balance a sizeable oven that can cook a number of dishes at the same time with affordability. The Mezzo 76 can be used as it comes ‘ready to use’, or can be built-in to personalise your oven to your design tastes.

The Mezzo 76: Aesthetic Design

The Mezzo 76’s design has attracted national press attention from well-known publications. The Mezzo 76 is a similar design to the Primo 60, which has been featured in 'The Telegraph', 'The Times', and seen in 'Period Living' and 'Garden and Home' magazine. The Mezzo 76 design belongs exclusively to The Stone Bake Oven Company. Please note that colours and finishes may vary between ovens.

The Mezzo 76: Internal Cooking Floor Size

The Mezzo 76 has a 760mm internal cooking floor diameter. Unlike other wood fired ovens that use designated cooking floor tiles inside the oven, the entire floor inside the Mezzo 76 Oven can be utilised as a cooking floor and is therefore able to cook pizza, breads, roasts and more.

The Mezzo 76: Cooking Capacity

The Mezzo Oven can fit two large, or three small pizzas at one time, or one large roasting tray and a side tray or three smaller roasting dishes at any one time. Please see our comparison table.

The Mezzo 76: Cooking Capabilities

Like all our Stone Bake Ovens, the Mezzo 76 is capable of a range of cooking environments, allowing you to cook pizza, grill, bake, roast and slow roast. The Mezzo 76 is even capable of hot and cold smoking.

The Mezzo 76: Heat Up Times & Heat Retention

Due to the Mezzo 76’s insulating material composition, the oven heats up quickly within 30 minutes and retains heat for hours without adding additional wood.

In ‘ready to use’ option: Heat retention 5+ hours.

Build-in option: Heat retention 24+ hours.

The Mezzo 76: Indoor and Outdoor Installation

Designed for easy installation, the Mezzo 76 can be installed both indoors and outdoors.

In ‘ready to use’ option: outdoors only.

Build-in option: Both outdoors and indoors*

*Please note: certain requirements must be met for indoor installation.

The Mezzo 76: Flue Placement

The Mezzo 76's oven flue is placed outside the oven cooking chamber. This smart design means that when the door is closed, the flue vent is cut off. This flue feature is crucial for maximum heat retention, low wood consumption and especially useful for roasting and other cooking techniques in a wood fired oven. Ovens with centralised flue vents in the oven dome result in sub-standard heat retention and higher fuel costs. For a black/ coloured flue finish, apply stove paint.

The Mezzo 76: Material Composition

The Mezzo 76 oven dome is made from an insulating aggregate, resulting in excellent heat retention. The Mezzo 76 oven base is made from a dense commercial grade material that stores heat for longer, ensuring crispy pizza bases and excellent cooking ability for hours on end. Due to the dense and insulating factors of the Mezzo 76, it can be used in its core form, without the need for extra insulation and building work.

The Mezzo 76: Reinforcement

The Mezzo 76 Oven is reinforced with Micro-Mesh Technology exclusive to The Stone Bake Oven Company. These are stainless steel fibres embedded in the oven material that form a complex mesh within the oven. This allows the oven to expand and contract whilst heating and cooling, ensuring the structural integrity of your oven. Micro- Mesh Technology results in an oven that is designed to last and if you plan to move house or relocate your Mezzo, these fibres will make it safe to do so.

The Mezzo 76: Weather and Frost Proof

The Mezzo 76 Oven is already treated for protection from the elements, including frost.

In ‘ready to use’ option: apply the Stone Bake Sealant twice per year during use.

Build-in option: no need to apply protection.

The Mezzo 76: No Curing Fires

The Mezzo 76 Oven by The Stone Bake Oven Company is the only wood fired oven on the UK market that does not require curing fires. Curing fires are a process of ‘setting the oven,’ before you use it, and can involve burning fires at consistent temperatures over a period of days. Failure to do so can result in irreparable oven damage. Here at The Stone Bake Oven Company, we’ve done it for you. Each oven is gently dried in a kiln before dispatch. Saving you time, inconvenience, fuel costs and providing you with an oven that is ready to use immediately.

The Mezzo 76: Assembly

The Mezzo 76 Oven is designed for easy installation. The oven dome is in one piece, and the two-part oven base makes for easy maneuvering. The base fits together with a tongue and groove joint and the dome sits in a recess in the base. The Mezzo 76 has a square reinforced base, meaning you can easily place it on top of a brick or block stand, with no need for a plinth or hearth to support the oven. Ask the Stone Bake Oven Company for guidance on building a wooden stand. For a hands free approach, simply purchase the ‘ready to use’ Mezzo and stand. Please note: If you build your own oven stand it is at your own risk.

The Mezzo 76: Oven Stand Information

You can purchase a metal, weatherproof stand from the Stone Bake Oven Company online shop as a 'ready to go option'. Alternatively, you can build a brick or block work stand to place the oven on if doing so, please ensure at least three sides of the oven are supported by at least 103mm of brick or block work (1 household brick thickness). For wooden oven stand info, see below.

The Mezzo 76: Wooden Oven Stand Information

You can place your oven on a wooden stand however you MUST adhere to all safety precautions suggested by The Stone Bake Oven Company - There must be a non-combustible, concrete layer of a minimum thickness of 150mm in between the oven (see image, left).

- The wooden stand must be a wooden frame only, no wood is to run beneath the floor of the oven

- Please ask The Stone Bake Oven Company for the oven stand advice guide for further detail on wooden base construction

! WARNING: Failure to adhere to these guidelines when building a wooden stand may result in fire.

The Mezzo 76: Using it in its Core Form, "as it comes"

Using the Mezzo 'just as it comes' in core form has many advantages. There is no building work needed if you chose to purchase the Mezzo stand, easy oven installation plus the ability to move the oven’s location if you wish. The Mezzo 76's excellent heat retention means it is perfect for pizza cooking, bread baking, roasting, cooking meats, including fish and vegetable dishes.

The Mezzo 76: 'Building it in'

Choosing to build the Mezzo 76 in, (to add further insulation and an oven enclosure) is straight forward, and has many additional benefits. You can tailor the oven’s finished design to your tastes, build the Mezzo in using wood, stone, brick, render or your choice of material. (For guidance on how to build a wooden stand contact the Stone Bake Team). Easy to follow build manuals are now available – see the pictures in our gallery. Building the Mezzo 76 in, results in extended heat retention to over 20+ hours without adding wood. This is great for individuals wanting to cook and range of different foods and those looking to explore cooking overnight, slow roasting and cooking with residual heat, for example cooking in the morning after the night before. Your oven will also be permanently protected from the elements.

Mezzo Build Manuals

Now you can easily build in your own wood fired oven with the Stone Bake Oven Company’s build manuals. The build manuals have easy to follow diagrams for everything you need to know about building in your Mezzo Oven in a range of different styles. Ask the Stone Bake Team for a build manual today.

The Mezzo 76: Oven Delivery

Oven delivery costs £49.99. Delivery takes place between 9-5pm, Monday – Friday, unfortunately a time may not be specified. Someone will need to be present to sign for it. Saturday delivery is available at an additional charge. The Mezzo 76 Oven arrives on a standard pallet, weighing approximately 250kg. The driver will be able to unload the pallet using a tail lift. The pallet can be maneuvered on solid ground with a pallet truck. It is not the responsibility of the driver to set your oven in place and/or assemble it.

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