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Balon Ekmek (Turkish Balloon Bread)

These traditional Turkish breads are normally served before a main meal with feta cheese and butter.

Wood Fired Beetroot Bread

English beetroot’s are sensational- and this recipe is a great way to make the most of them.

Wood Fired Brioche

A truly delicious bread recipe to try out in your wood fired oven.

Babaganoush & Cumin Flatbreads

Babaganoush should be smokey- which makes it even better when it’s made using a wood fired oven!

Onion Marmalade Bread

Our wood fired onion marmalade bread is definitely a crowd pleaser, perfect for nibbles or a lunch accompaniment.

Tear & Share Bread with Dukkha

Dukkah is a coarse, aromatic mix of nuts and spices that is delicious with home baked bread. Simply dunk the bread in some olive oil, then generously roll in the Dukkah. It’s truly delicious!

Hot Cross Buns

The maple syrup glaze and dry heat of the oven give these buns a unique flavour that everyone is bound to love.

Cheese Scones with Cherry Tomatoes and Basil

These lovely scones are a great way to use up a surplus of basil, tomatoes and mozzarella you have leftover after a pizza session!

Wood Fired Garlic Bread

There must be a thousand ways to make garlic bread- but this is one of the best! Particularly if you have a couple of extra homemade loaves left knocking about.

Wood Fired Apple and Pear Charlottes

These delicious bread based desserts are great fun to make- and delicious to eat! You can add berries or other fruits to the filling when in season for a little change.

Wood Fired Cinnamon Rolls

No one likes throwing away food so, save any leftover pizza dough to make these simple and delicious cinnamon rolls.

Wood Fired Bread Bones

These spooky breadstick bones are perfect for your wood fired Halloween party!

Three Cheese Focaccia

This focaccia is truly indulgent and is a big hit at Stone Bake HQ!

Wood Fired Olive Bread

Wood Fired Pão De Queijo

Wood Fired Sourdough Bread

Stone Bake Shortcrust Pastry

Wood Fired Rosemary Focaccia Bread

Stone Bake’s wood fired garlic bread

Stone Bake’s Cranberry and Walnut Bread

Stone Bake’s Pumpkin and Coconut Loaf

Stone Baked Coconut and Pecan Banana Bread

Stone Baked Blueberry French Toast

Wood Fired Pistachio Cherry Cream Stuffed Toast

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