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Here at The Stone Bake Oven Company
we are proud to promote a quality product
with a green conscience.

All our Stone Bake Ovens promote local employment and trade by being hand cast in England, using UK sourced materials and labour.

Carefully researched oven materials make our refractory aggregate mix, this ensures all our ovens can withstand and maintain temperatures above 450° C.

Our refractory mix ensures our ovens boast fast heat up times and have excellent insulating qualities, increasing wood burning efficiency and ultimately reducing fuel consumption.

The incorporation of Micro-Mesh Technology exclusive to The Stone Bake Oven Company, ensures your Stone Bake Oven has increased durability and lifespan ensuring your oven will last for many years to come.

Burning wood is classed as utilising a renewable fuel source and can reduce the amount of gas and electric one uses, overall reducing your carbon footprint. When sourced correctly, burning wood can be a carbon neutral means of cooking and heating.

Our Packaging

Our Packaging:

We reduce the miles our wood fired ovens travel by ensuring manufacture is based in the UK, without shipping or flying.

We always endeavour to source our packaging from UK based companies with similar values to us.

We use a 100% biodegradable, environmentally friendly packaging solutions which means easy disposal for you and environmental care for us.

When sending out Stone Bake products, we always endeavour to reduce the amount of packaging used wherever possible, whilst protecting our goods. This means more of our products fit onto fewer trucks, resulting in less emissions and Co2.

Our Recycling Promise

Our Promise:

Here at The Stone Bake Oven Company HQ, we recognise the impact we have on the environment through our energy use and waste generation. With this in mind, we are committed to re-using and recycling where possible and managing our waste responsibly.

Reducing paper use:

At The Stone Bake Oven Company, we try to make an effort to reduce unnecessary waste wherever we can. Little things from re-using envelopes, Jiffy bags, using scrap paper, recycling paper using the paper collection bin, printing double sided and sending emails over letters/faxes all adds up. We only print items we really need and never leaflet drop. We also work alongside a waste management company who separate and recycle our waste goods.

Reducing energy use

Reducing energy use:

We practice full shutdown of office computers, lights and other appliances daily. We do not use air conditioners. We try to reduce excessive and unreasonable means of staff travel by encouraging public transport use and implementing a car sharing scheme.

Our environmental supervisor

These are just a few of the things we do to reduce our impact on the environment. We have an appointed environmental supervisor to ensure we meet our increasingly stringent goals when sourcing and developing new products.

Environmental Supervisor: Laura Plastow BSc Environmental Science

Contact: laura@thestonebakeovencompany.co.uk

What you can do

What you can do:

When using your Stone Bake Oven we encourage you to use kiln dried wood to achieve maximum burning efficiency. You can purchase kiln dried, DEFRA certified wood from our online shop.

Burning unauthorised fuel can prove to be environmentally damaging and sometimes even toxic. Wood with a high moisture content burns less efficiently and green wood increases soot build up, clogs up flues and emits excessive carbon into the atmosphere.

After using your oven, wood ash can be utilised as a fertilizer. It is particularly good on acidic soils. Seek advice before application and always ensure ash is cold. Buy wood in bulk to reduce packaging use and miles travelled but ensure you have adequate dry storage.

There are many small things you can do at home to reduce, re-use and recycle, for some tips visit:

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