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Neapolitan Dough and Pizza Masterclass- NEW DATES ANNOUNCED


We are excited to announce that due to the success of our Neapolitan Dough & Pizza Masterclass, we will be running more classes throughout November and December.

Working with one of the world’s finest commercial pizza ovens, the Gozney Napoli 1250, you’ll learn all you need to know to make pizza like the pros. This masterclass will give you all the skills to make consistently brilliant Neapolitan pizza at home in your Stone Bake oven.


We asked our in- house chef Joe Boiling what can be expected during the classes:

What skill level is needed to attend one of the classes?

The classes are open to all skill levels- from seasoned home pizza cooks, to people that have never opened a pizza before. We keep the classes to a maximum of six people meaning we can focus plenty of one to one attention on those that need it.

We’ve ran the classes for commercial clients for some time now so we’re really excited to finally have them available to our Stone Bake customers- whatever skill level people are at, I’d hope that everyone would learn something from the day.

What sort of things will be covered in the class?

We cover everything from what flour to use all the way through to how to cook a Neapolitan pizza- and everything in between! The day is very hands on meaning there’s plenty of dough handling at every stage of the process and a lot of pizza cooking!

What new skills will be taught?

We go into great detail on every stage of the dough making process covering tomato sauce recipes, mixing and fermentation times as well as opening (and eating!) a lot of pizzas.

The class is designed to show people how and why we do the things we do during each stage of the dough making procedure giving people the knowledge and skills to develop their own preferred recipe through experimenting and cooking at home. 

For something as simple as pizza, science plays a big role in the process and hopefully people will leave with a much better understanding of this side of things too.

Will there be anything to take home after the class?

We’ve worked on a detailed recipe and information pack that everyone who attends will receive at the start of the day- and obviously there’s a lot of pizza to eat!

Can these skills be transferred to a Stone Bake oven? 

Absolutely! We run the classes on our commercial Napoli 1250 as it’s one of the finest commercial ovens available and the majority of home cooks wouldn’t ever have the chance to work with one. But the skills and recipes learned can be transferred to a Stone Bake oven easily- and hopefully the knowledge on all things dough that people will leave with will have them wanting to go home and fire up their Stone Bake oven as soon as possible.

Where is the class held?

The classes will run on the following dates:

– Friday 24th November
– Saturday 25th of November
– Friday 1st December
– Saturday 2nd December 

There are also still spaces available on Friday 27th October 2017.

 Please note that we require a minimum of four participants in order to run the session, we do take the full payment up front however we will contact you 72 hours before the class is due to run, if we do not have enough participants you will be refunded the full amount.

For more information call 01425 204985 or email


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