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Stone Bake’s Pumpkin and Coconut Loaf

Stone Bake's Pumpkin and Coconut Loaf
We are now steaming ahead into the autumnal months, meaning there is no better time to get baking some tasty treats in your wood fired oven. With pumpkins coming into season, we wanted to share with you our delicious Pumpkin and Coconut Loaf Cake. It’s our new favourite!

You’ll Need
600g of pumpkin, peeled and cubed with seeds removed
1tbsp olive oil
100g unsalted butter
300g soft light brown sugar
2 eggs
500g self-raising flour
½ tsp bicarbonate of soda
1tsp ground cinnamon
½ tsp each of ground ginger, cloves and nutmeg
50g desiccated coconut

For Serving
Greek-Style Yoghurt
Icing sugar and ground cinnamon for dusting

Firstly you will need to fire up your wood fired oven to its optimum temperature. Then allow your oven to cool down and maintain the temperature around 180 degrees C.

Line your loaf tin ready for the mixture to be added into.

Next, place the pumpkin cubes in a roasting tray and drizzle over some olive oil. Cover with foil and roast for 20-25minutes. When ready, leave aside to cool, and then blend your pumpkin until smooth.

Now it’s time to move onto your cake mixture. Mix together the butter and sugar until you have a light and fluffy mixture. Then add in the eggs, pumpkin and all the other dry ingredients. Stir well and pour your mixture into your loaf tin.

Bake in your wood fired oven for 50 minutes. Leave the loaf to cool.

Serve with a sprinkling of sugar and cinnamon. If you really want to indulge, then pop some Greek-style yoghurt on the side for a scrumptious extra. 

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